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This is a full-featured guild site with all the options enabled for you to play with the settings as if it were your own guild's site.

What is is a service offered to create a super-powered website for your guild. It's features are designed for all guilds looking for a heavy content-driven site. While most "Create your guild page here" websites are just a quick way to make a pretty little homepage with a canned look and no real content, our services are WAY more indepth. All you need to do is compare our feature list with any of our competitors, and it's clear that sites created on are superior.

Our sites are 100% advertisement free!
What can do for my guild?
Complete Feature List
Save Time and Money's basic package costs $1.67/month and saves you potentially hundreds of hours of development time. Our most advanced package costs is $10/month and is loaded with features. Compare this with typical hosting, which costs between $4.00/month and $30.00/month and you'll still need to develop your site.
Provide a complete, fully-customizable, and fully-integrated web site's site aren't hacked-together sites with a "Main Page" that just links to a bunch of completely seperate sections. The typical guild website is an entry page that links to several different packages, all of them completely seperate (most require you to log in to the forum to post, and then into the DKP system with a different account).'s sites use a single configuration that spans the entire site. All features are fully integrated, and consistent with look-and-feel. Using the power of the new customization options, you are not locked into any kind of template. You have full HTML and CSS level access to modify the layout of your site while utilizing the engine.
Schedule, Calendar, and Raid Signups
Our calendar will list every event (Raid, Party, Guild War, etc) you schedule, as well as allow members to sign up for each event. Our calendar is extremely easy to use, clear to read, color coded, and doesn't require a page-refresh when changing months. It also supports the ability for memebers to ignore certain event categories. Not only that, but there is a constant countdown to the next event in big bold text at the top of every page, as a reminder to everyone.
Game-tailored Forums's forum system was developed in-house to be tailored to MMO Games. With a simple [item] tag, you can create instant Hotlinks to items stored in various databases for different games around the web (example Shadow Wing Focus StaffRefresh This Item). In addition to the game-specific features, there are the standard features of every forum: Sticky Posts, Voting and Polls, and Private Threads, and file uploads.
Clear, Simple Loot Management, and Fast Data Entry's in-house developed DKP System is flexible and can handle most any point systems. For WoW guilds, extremely fast entry for the officers and raid leaders with our custom "GuildRaidSnapShot" Mod. We also have an extremely powerful in-game DKP management capabilities. Also included are automatically generated history graphs for each member, and an interface for advanced raid attendance analysis. If your system somehow doesn't fit into this mold, we'll be happy to try to customize it for you.
And a whole lot more...
  • Picture Galleries
  • Chat rooms
  • Newsletters to notify your guildies of important events
  • Wiki-style guild-maintained guides
  • Profession and Skill Lists
  • Wanted Gear: just a fun section for members to list items they'd like
  • Online Applications. No more "Post here on our forum to apply."
  • Guild Bank Status (with Mod and Uploader for WoW)
  • Streamlined Request for Item interface
  • Splash Screen Support
  • Many more to come. We're constantly working to improve the site and its features
  • Fast and free support
    Any questions, bugs, comments, or anything can be posted on the official Forum or for a more rapid response, our Contact Us page will guide you to us.
    ...and all this for less than the cost of a basic, do-everything-yourself web hosting package.
    Latest News
    5/23/2007: LOTRO Item Links now supports Lord of the Rings Online Item Links:

    Example: Heavy Bright Steel AxeRefresh This Item
    5/22/2007: One Year Anniversary Sale!
    We've announce the One Year Anniversary Sale event, starting with 75% savings, and slowly returning to normal by June 1st.
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